Reservoir Gods

maggie #25

Maggie #25
The Mystic Bytes supply us with a brilliant intro. This issue sees the full unveiling of the brand new Falcon shell. Extra features include printing, case in/sensitive searches, export text, improved picture displayer. There are hidden features including a joke generator and a secret tetris game! The condition of 'PC Rage' is examined. There is a history of Maggie, tracing its evolution through TLB and Delta Force through to the present day. Leonard of Oxygene announces his Nostalgic-O ST demo with guest screens from Griff/EI. Felice travels to Tenerife "there was a night where all the entertainment staff got dressed up as members of the opposite sex. This was highly amusing!" 'BattleZone' author Andrew Glover writes in and asks for a review of his 3D game 'Destruction Imminent'. Slimer writes about his perspective of the DBA split. MrPink and sh3 conduct an exclusive interview with Epic House producer "BT". There are also the awards for the top 50 albums of 1997. The world's grumpiest old columnist, John 'Deadwood' Highhat makes his debut. CIH takes a ride in CAB 2.5 which is "quirky in places". Members of the Maggie Team reveal their plans to visit the Alternative Party in Finland. The edited IRC highlights include a philosophical discussion about Felice's mind. We get silly with Atari Deodorants. Laurent Pouillez reports on the 3rd Forum Des Applications Atari in Paris. The revamped Hidden Quest accuses Toodeloo of being An Cool of TCB!


Maggie #25 Falcon
Maggie #25 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • 128 Byte Intros (Various)
  • Amok (Confusions)
  • Chippin' For Air 3 (DHS)
  • Dream Dimension (DHS)
  • Just Musix III (DHS)
  • Liquid Sunshine (DHS)
  • Modulation (Escape)
  • Ribbit (Reservoir Frogs)
  • Snowtro (Reservoir Gods)
  • Surprise (Mystic Bytes)
  • Xmas Card (Senior Dads)
  • Xmas Demo (DHS)
Games Reviewed:
  • Blum
  • Corsair
  • Doom
  • Kirby's Dreamland
  • Lands Of Fantasy
  • Lotus
  • Mole Mayhem
  • Tetris II
  • Whippersnapper
Lynx Games:
  • Robosquash
  • Kung Food
  • Sinbad
  • Steve B
  • Advanced 3D
  • 128 Byte Intros
  • GodleNES Uncovered
  • Jpeg decoding

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