Reservoir Gods

maggie #15

Maggie #15
Autowaschen Verboten is hailed as the "first REAL falcon megademo", whilst Oxygene's "Flip-O" demo is one of the last ST megademos. CIH and MrPink take a trip to London to visit the offices of Caspian Software, creators of "Zero-5" and "Rock'n'Roll Clams". Capsian Boss Chris Dillon reveals all kinds of juicy technical details about these two titles. "Tautology" by Reservoir Gods gets a short review, and there are mentions of a Bubble Bobble conversion and a "spy hunter adaptation for the falcon" coming soon from this crew. Starball is hailed as the greatest st/falcon pinball game (this was in the pre-obsession days!) "Rayman" is the highlight of the Jaguar titles at ECTS, whilst EA have a flashy all-FMV no gameplay title out called "Wing Commander". It needs a shocking 486-33 as minimum spec. In demo news, Mugwumps apparently have enough effects left over from "Cycedlic Knockout" to make a complete new demo. Wonder what happened to this ...


Maggie #15 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Adrenaline Intro
  • Autowaschen Verboten (Lazer)
  • Flip-O (Oxygene)
  • Gulle Am Bach (Aura)
  • Humeur Vitree (Hemoroids)
  • Independent Music Compil II
  • Psychedelic Knockout (Mugwumps)
  • Plastic Vibrations (NPG)
  • Sentry Intro
  • Strange Circumstances (New Trend)
  • TIFF Demo (Good Guys)
  • Weltschmerz (Avena)
Games Reviewed:
  • Rock'n'Roll Clams
  • Starball
  • Tempest 2000 (Jag)
  • Atari Compendium
  • Motorola Reference
  • Structured 68000 Asm
  • Caspian Software
  • Canada
  • E.C.T.S
  • Minnesota
  • July Atari Show

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