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maggie #1

Maggie #1
The first ever issue of Maggie. Note the alternative (incorrect) spelling of the name on Spaz's title screen. This issue only took 1.5 months to put together (how times changed!) and Sammy Joe warned in the editorial "I will not be able to spend this amount of time with future issues". The magazine shell ran in high res, and came with a very painful page flipping text displayer. Sammy Joe underlines his editorial philosophy in the XTC Demo review "don't worry about the spelling mistakes in this document, when I typed it I was rather pissed ... " More shuessler science appears in the Automation Packer review "The reason the article is in the magazine twice is fairly simple, I could not decide whether to put this article in the utility section or the PD section, so my decision was, put it in both. It looks more too." There is news of a new TCB demo, which apparently has effects better than MindBomb, although Sammy Joe doesn't believe this to be possible. This block busting TLB production gets the most coverage in the demo reviews section and receives a whopping 9.57 out of 10. An unusual amount of sample demos are reviewed. Spaz writes some graphics tips, in which he details how many toilet trips, burps and farts he created during the articles making. And the "Best Joke" or the issue: What do an Amiga and a hedgehog have in common? No-on wants to touch them! Released on 1st June 1990, who could have predicted that this would go on to become the longest running disk magazine in atari history?


Maggie #1 ST

Demos Reviewed:
  • Aerosmith (NOD)
  • Mad Vision Compils
  • MindBomb (TLB)
  • Tec Demo (V8)
  • XTC (Alliance)
  • Yazz Demo
Games Reviewed:
  • Black Tiger
  • Conqueror
  • Dan Dare III
  • Double Dragon II
  • Italia '90
  • P-47
  • Space Ace
  • Rainbow Islands
  • Automation Packer
  • Equinox Tracker
  • Quickie Demo Maker
  • GFA Commands
  • GFX by Spaz
  • Sample Demos
  • Twist Scrolls
  • FAST
  • TLB

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