Reservoir Gods

128 byte intros

download MrPink and new RG member Axeman get together to create a Hole new 128 byte experience! Dive into the wormhole through the bouncing vectors with motion blur. 1st PLACE AT ERROR IN LINE 99.

download RG lose the plot with this memory sucking 128 byter. You've gotta scroll with it!

Some Like It Hot
download We are the Gods of Hellfire and we bring you ... FIRE! In 128 Bytes! Marilyn Monroe not included.

download A True Colour Wolf-3d style demo! With shaded floors and ceiling! And screen swapping! In 128 bytes! Works on RGB and VGA systems.

download Our first 128 byte demo to deviate from the culinary theme! Sunquake is either a totally accurate simulation of those tremors that shake the surface of the fiery planet or a few hastily cobbled together lines of code after hard day of noodle eating in bolton! You decide! FPU ONLY.

The Grapes Of Hoth
download Imagine Star Wars compressed into 128 bytes! Now forget it and imagine instead a 3D starfield compressed into 128 bytes! The force is strong with this one! FPU ONLY.

Terminal Ketchup
download Sanity's groundbreaking "Terminal Fuckup" converted into 128 bytes! Sadly, we had to lose the jester mod. Enjoy the world's first rotating zooming 128 byte demo! FPU ONLY.

Lettuce From Brechnev
download A rather dull multi-layered mandlebrot generator. Does create some rather freaky colours if left running for over 40 minutes! Also included FREE! previously unpublished Jeffry Archer novella!
FPU ONLY. (The demo, not the novella!)

Hobnobs With Satan
download Imagine a Martin fractal expanding across the screen of your Falcon, covering every corner in its slimy green cobweb. FPU ONLY.

Renegade Pasta
download Our second effort was a Sierpinski triangle with a smooth true colour raster through it. This idea was then nicked by NoCrew for another 128 byter. And they had the cheek to do it better. Bastards.

Cider With RG
download "The Original And Still The Best" a spokesman for Kellog's CornFlakes said yesterday. A zooming 'RG' logo flies over a neatly shaded scrolling chessboard. 'Cider 3' is a high res version of the same intro.

Hong Tron Phooey
download The world's first 128 byte game! Take to the skies of Hong Kong in your jet powered cloud-bike - but avoid those pesky skyscrapers! Features:
  • Lavishly rendered 1 colour background
  • Authentic geographically correct city maps (randomly generated)
  • Infinite levels of hardcore action
  • Full 3D object handler (1 pixel)

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