Reservoir Gods


Bob Fossil's Sudokuniverse
download Nicey nicey Sudoku for him & her & me & you

Do you have what it takes to become one of the Seven Saviours of the Sudokuniverse? Help Bob Fossil restore order to the barren blue desert wastelands of the Sudokuniverse by solving increasingly challenging logic puzzles.

Clogged Up
download Battle with your brain and feet in RG's award winning escape-em-up.

With solo and multiplayer battles, seven unique worlds and 300 different levels, rearranging shoes has never been so much fun.

download Sixty Frames per second of gaming goodness in this horizontally scrolling action game.

With multiple game types including an epic story mode, 21 high score tables, a picture gallery and saveable replays, SuperFly will keep flying high for weeks.

download From the land of the Rising Sun came a strange and wonderful handheld console called the Bandai WonderSwan. The finest game on this machine so intrigued the members of RG that they decided to make an Atari conversion.

GodPey is the result - a hugely involving puzzle game for one or two players. As you progress through the game more features and game modes are unlocked culminating in the epic story mode where you set off on a quest for your missing vegetables.

Double Juggle Vegetabobble
download "This Is Vegetable Juggling 2002" - our action packed juggling simulator hits the ST, TT and Falcon.

Created in just 24 hours during the RG Easter Kitchen Party, "DJV:TIVJ2K2" (as fans like to call it) is a small but perfectly formed conversion of a classic Nintendo game and watch title. Featuring multiple difficulty levels, high scores and a nice SID tune from MSG. Arms, balls everywhere!

Chu Chu Rocket!
download Our conversion of Sonic Team's classic Dreamcast arcade puzzler hits the ST, TT and Falcon.

With 150 levels of action, multiple game modes, stereo sampled sound, 13 new Sid Chip tunes, multiplayer competitive and co-operative games, jaguar pad and team tap support and many secrets to unlock, this is a must for all Atari gamers.

Bunion Canyon
download The result of the 24hour game coding competition at Cwmvention '97, "Bunion Canyon" is a conversion of a 'classic' 8 bit game where you have to guide your characters to the top of a series of platforms. As ever, we've added a bit of Spice to the proceedings and a large hammer races down the screen attacking players. You can pick up weapons such as 'Whirlwinds' and 'Lightning' and strike your fellow players. With four player action, Artificially Intelligent opponents, JagPad & CinemascopE support there is something here for everyone. Very simple. Very addictive.

download A game created at the Alternative Party in Finland. Bugger! is a conversion of a frogger-style game we saw on the good old Atari 2600. Our version features six player action(!), artificially intelligent frogs, multiple methods of gameplay and sixty different high score tables!

download Noticing the popularity of Solitarie amongst the PC dads, we decided to create our own version. But we decided to twist the rules a bit and create a multiplayer solitaire game! You can battle against 3 other friends or play with the artificially intelligent computer players. You can also steal cards from opponents and throw jokers at them which will cause all kinds of mayhem!

download A game created in just 24 hours at our Cwmvention party! Sworm is a version of the classic number gobbling snake game, but with a twist - the 3D mode maps the whole game onto a rotating texture-mapped cube!

download Tetris meets columns in this multiplayer arcade game! Up to four players can battle against each other, rotating and spinning the falling shapes and casting ghost effects on their opponents!

Double Bobble 2000
download The classic Taito coin-op hits the Falcon in a super enhanced true colour form with loads of whizzy effects and bonuses! 100 levels of action, lots of cute enemies and nifty weapons and funny sound effects.
ST Format rating: 96%

Tautology II
download A total remake of our earlier puzzle game! Much more refined graphics, stunning music and loads of extra options and features. "Addictive as hell" warned ST Format as they awarded it 93%.

download A conversion of Match-It from Delta Forces's Syntax Terror Demo. Runs in 384x240 true colour mode so it is happier on RGB monitors. Will work on VGA to a lesser extent. Features a nifty two player mode and a horrible menu system. Not our finest hour.

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