Reservoir Gods


download Damo brings the ill style to the Atari with his unique blend of bits & beats.

Available in both STE and Faclon flavours:

Grimey STE 

Grimey Falcon 

Mind Rewind
download Griff weaves his Welsh magic on the STE with a border blasting 96Ktro. A mind melting mix of wobbling, distorting, pulsating demo goodness with a "usual suspects" style twist in the end. REWIND!

download A multipart ST demo released at the Error In Line #3 party. Hallucinations was mainly coded by Griff, with graphics from Sh3 & C-Rem and music by MSG. A homage to oldskool Amiga demos, it features all your demo favourites - dots, fractals, spectrum 512 animation with sync scrolling, some heavy gouraud objects and a 3d world.

download Once again Christmas has been the spur for the RG team to create another demo. More snow based effects! More tunes loosely based on jingle bells! Fortunately this time there are no 'scene jokes', instead you have some beautiful Christmas cards to feed your peepers on. But is it art? Keep an eye out for Colin the penguin.

download Christmas time! Misteltoe and Wine! With gifts on the fire and logs on the tree... This is our 1997 Xmas demo, and features a whole medley of yuletide tunes from MSG. There is a realistic snow-emulator and also a cracker effect with over 30 random 'scene' jokes!

Jazz Club ASCII Intro
download Winner "worst demo title of 1997" this took demos into the new territory of ascii art! All the artwork from the Cwmvention is presented with big scrollers and a jazz odyssey style workout from our very own MSG. Niiiice!

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